The Nordic Public on ID Protection

A recent study on ID Protection showed that the majority of the Nordic public are not aware of any companies that offer help if they have been subjected to identity fraud. This is particularly unfortunate as this type of crime is increasing rapidly.

In an ever more digitally connected world, identity fraud and related crime has been rapidly increasing. For over five years, cxLoyalty has helped customers with advice, assistance and ultimately peace of mind if they have fallen victim to identity fraud or had their online identity abused.

To continue helping customers in the fight against identity crime, cxLoyalty decided to ask the public about their thoughts, knowledge and behaviour regarding identity protection. Novus was commissioned to perform the study, ‘The General Public on ID Protection – a Nordic study’, completed in June 2017.

Concern about identity theft

The study showed that 1 in 5 people have had their identity stolen at some point or know someone who have been the victim of identity theft. In general, the Nordic population is concerned about the threats and risks of identity theft, and they are not aware of any companies offering help.

Although there is no guaranteed way of protecting oneself against id theft one should at least not worry about getting professional assistance if being subjected’, says Rikard af Sandeberg – Product & Marketing Director at cxLoyalty.

‘The good news is that the service requested by the Nordic population in the study is already available to them. Today many people have access to identity theft/fraud assistance through their bank or home insurance. Unfortunately, only a few are aware of it and all stakeholders would benefit from a greater awareness of the service. If people knew that they have access to this service, more incidents would be reported and victims would receive critical help in mitigating risks and resolving issues with the help of experts.’

Help in a time of need

‘In our experience, we know that for most people the emotional stress of being a victim of identity theft is as big of a problem as having to deal with all the claims and unpaid invoices. Beside the economic aspect, being subjected to identity theft can have severe consequences for your wellbeing and do a lot of damage to your public reputation. People we have helped really appreciated that they didn’t have to face the problems all alone and that their case was being handled by our team of experts.

We urge everyone to check their home insurance coverage and contact their insurance company or bank if they have any questions about ID protection and staying safe online. Chances are, many of them probably already have access to the service and can benefit from advice on preventive measures or getting personal assistance if being subjected to ID theft or online abuse’, Rikard af Sandeberg concludes.

Download the report here